About the City

Gobichettipalayam(கோபிசெட்டிபாளையம்) is a picturesque town located in Erode District of Tamilnadu. It is an important town in the North- Western part of Tamilnadu. It is a selection grade Municipality. The town extends over an area of 7.5 sq.k.m. and is situated at  about 213m above M.S.L. The economy of the town is mainly concerned with agriculture and it  serves as an important source of supply for agricultural products to the other parts of the state.

Previously Gobichettipalayam was under Coimbatore District i.e. Before the bifurcation of Erode district from the Coimbatore district, Gobichettipalayam was a taluk of Coimbatore District. Now Gobichettipalayam is the headquarters of the Gobichettipalayam Revenue Division , Taluk, Education District and Registration District.

Entrance to the city

Gobichettipalayam is located about 35 km from District headquarters Erode, 40 km from Tirupur and 80 km from Coimbatore.Its about 390 km from Chennai and 280 km from Bangalore. It is moderate and humid for most of the year. The surrounding water logged rice fields contribute to the high humidity levels.

Gobichettipalayam municipality had a population of 55,158 according to 2001 census. But now the total population of the Gobichettipalayam and its suburbs is estimated to be greater than 100,000. Males constitute 49% of the population and females 51%, which makes it one of the few places where women outnumber men. Gobichettipalayam has an average literacy rate of 74%, higher than the national average of 59.5%: male literacy is 80%, and female literacy is 68%. In Gobichettipalayam, 9% of the population are under 6 years of age. The population is dominated by the Kongu Vellalar or Gounder community. Tamil is the main language spoken by majority of the people.
Paddy Fields

The city is economically strong and is fast developing. This city can be considered as Bi-Functional. The work force constitutes about 38% of the population and 31% of the work force is engaged in agriculture, 13% in small industries (Small Scale and Cottage) and 56 % in trading and other activities. The city serves as an important source of supply for agricultural in-puts and implements and other services to the adjoining areas. There are a number of banks in the city which shows the economic prosperity of the city. The increased number of banks found in the town is a sign of economic prosperity. 

Gobichettipalayam was a parliamentary constituency until 2009. It lost its place to the newly formed Tirupur Constituency during delimination by Election Commission. Now Gobichettipalayam assembly constituency is part of Tirupur (Lok Sabha constituency). This Lok Sabha constituency is an agrarian constituency situated in the belt of Keezhbhavani ayacuts. The constituency has many demands of which one of the main is to establish a railway link between Gobichettipalayam and Erode Junction. Plans have been made since the British rule but they still remain only in paper.

Automated Silk Reeling Unit

The economy of Gobichettipalayam centers on agriculture viz paddy, sugarcane, plantain, tobaccoand turmeric.Its famous for its lush green paddy fields which attracts cine industry. There are also growing numbers of spinning mills to support the weaving industry developing in the region. Gobichettipalayam is well known for its plantain cultivation and the production of coconuts. Gobichettipalayam is the number one in Tamil Nadu for silk cocoon cultivation with good quality. Its one of the leading producers of white silk in the country with the country's first automatic silk reeling unit located here.
Gobichettipalayam is also called as 'Chinna Kodambakkam' or 'Mini Kollywood' because of the film shooting that take place here. Many films in Tamil and other languages have been shot here in Gobichettipalayam and its surroundings.